Skye Nguyen



Skills and Abilities

  • Bilingual in Vietnamese and English

  • Proficient in:
    • Python
    • Javascript
    • C#
    • Django
    • Typescript
    • React/Redux
    • AngularJS
    • Node.js
    • Docker
    • Git & GitHub
    • MySQL, PostgreSQL


Software Engineer II (April, 2019–Current)

Engineering Fellow (Jan–March, 2019)
  • Building a general ledger library with a fund accounting layer as the foundation of a new event-based accounting platform.
  • Triaging, identifying long-term fixes, and resolving in-coming bugs/ESRs daily.
  • Participating in the team's technical screening and interviewing process.
  • Providing domain knowledge on Scenario Modeling, Capital Calls & Distribution, and General Ledger.
  • Lead a team in scoping, designing, and implementing the Waterfall modeling exports using openpyxl and Prince.
  • Implemented a free SAFE and convertible note calculator to help founders understand the potential impact before fundraising.
  • Implemented a no-login feature to offer investors with easier access to documents sent from the platform.
  • Implemented a report providing stakeholders information to assist small businesses with the SBA loan application.
  • Significantly refactored and expanded the Scenario Modeling feature by researching and implementing additional convertible notes and option pool calculations.
  • Implemented the new Investor Services experience using React and Redux on the front end while building RESTful APIs with Django, using microservices on the back end.
  • Designed and built a new cash distribution workflow that reduces the users' time spent from five-plus hours down to sub one hour.

Polyiso Quality Services Intern – Carlisle Construction Materials (May–Aug, 2016)
  • Established detailed process documentation for the foam head operation.
  • Established a baseline of key parameters and generated the appropriate tolerances using SPC.
  • Performed formal trial runs for the top five products at different chemical ratios to address dimensional stability issues and convinced the plant to switch formulation as a result.
  • Automated SPC data analyzing process for using MiniTab to save five weeks of labor annually.

R&D Materials Engineering Co–op – Parker Hannifin (July, 2014–Nov, 2015)
  • Developed three NBR compounds for packer element applications (EAV: $2M).
  • Compounded and performed analytical testing using ASTM D2000 standards and customer specifications.
  • Investigated literature to formulate a new HEHT FKM compound for down-hole electrical applications.
  • Conducted process variable studies to reduce the duration of the existing API Extrusion Resistance Testing procedure from 60 to 20 minutes.

Notable Projects